Breitling: The Extravagant Swiss Replica Watch Brand Which Sustains Thrilling Ocean Research

This month, the good Breitling Swiss watch brand beganed their latest research in its limited version “Breitling” series of timepieces.

Until Ballesta’s project, very little was known about the coelacanth’s way of life, given that it dwells around 100 metres underwater, but his photographs have helped to shed light on the mysterious creature.

In 1953, Breitling unveiled the very first Fifty Fathoms, a dive breitling navitimer replica watch that went on to become an icon of contemporary design, and whose technology and styling were subsequently adopted by countless rivals, according to Ballesta.

breitling navitimer replica world silver men

breitling navitimer replica world silver men

Since the watch was first launched, however, the oceans have changed significantly. Water temperatures have increased steadily since the 1950s, affecting both the currents and sea levels, which have risen at a rate of roughly one and a half centimetres per decade.

Known locally as Gombessa, this giant two-metre fish is regarded as the ‘transition animal’ that connects backboned fish to the earliest four-legged vertebrate land animals, and thus to humans.

In December last year, Ballesta undertook his third Gombessa expedition, travelling to Antarctica to undertake a pioneering exploratory diving and photographic mission.

Breitling replica Navitimer 1461 model

Breitling replica Navitimer 1461 model

At the unveiling of the Breitling Bathyscaphe Chronograph Limited Edition, Ballesta spoke about his Gombessa Project, which was directly funded by profits from Breitling’s previous limited edition breitling fake watches.

The oceans have also become more acidic due to the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

The changing conditions of the oceans has led Breitling to come up with an Breitling series of limited edition watches, which directly contribute to scientific and conservation projects around the world.

replica breitling men's navitimer 01 chronograph watch

replica breitling men’s navitimer 01 chronograph watch

In 2012, the marine scientist carried out 40 days of deep water diving to try to meet the legendary bottom-dwelling sea creature, the coelacanth.

The new Breitling watch, which features for the first time an all-blue ceramic case, follows in this tradition of oceanographic support. For each of the 250 limited-edition watches sold, Breitling will donate €1, 000 to funding scientific expeditions, like Ballesta’s.

By choosing an Breitling Bathyscaphe Chronograph Limited Edition, the brand says, dive breitling replica aaa watches enthusiasts will see a direct connection between the timepiece on their wrist and our scientific understanding of the world’s oceans.

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