Iconic Breitling Dc-3 To Carry Limited Edition Copy Watches

THE iconic Replica Breitling DC-3, which will touch down in Bahrain next month as part of a record-breaking world tour, will be carrying limited edition watches.

The tour will take place from March to September in celebration of the DC-3’s 77th birthday this year, which will make it the oldest plane to circumnavigate the world.

The Swiss luxury watchmaker and aviation chronograph specialist will launch and end the world tour in Breitling’s home country, taking off from Geneva and covering the Middle East, India, South-East Asia, North America and Europe, landing back in September at the Breitling Sion Airshow 2017.

Fake Breitling DC-3

Fake Breitling DC-3

In the Middle East, it will touch down in Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar and Dubai.

The legendary plane will stop by Bahrain International Airport on March 18.

It will be carrying 500 pieces of the limited edition of its famous breitling navitimer replica aviation chronograph, of which 25 models will be made available for the Middle East market.

These limited edition watches will have a special engraving in the back marking both the tour and the anniversary of the brand.

“The 500 pieces will be on board the plane and at the end of the tour will be handed over to the custumers with certificates saying the watches had visited all the countries,” said Breitling Middle East sales manager Aed Adwan at a Press conference at the Breitling store in Moda Mall.”

replica navitimer breitling dc-3 world tour limited edition

replica navitimer breitling dc-3 world tour limited edition

The certificates will be signed by the flight captain.

The Fake Breitling DC-3 made its maiden flight in 1940 and is one of the 150 DC-3 aircraft flying globally.

It seats 20 passengers and has a cruising speed of 241 kilometres an hour.

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