The Passably Life-saving Breitling Emergency Ii Replica Watch Arrives In America

On April 1st, 2016, Breitling Replica was finally given approval to sell one of their most innovative products here in the United States after several years of effort with various official agencies – namely, the FCC . In 2013, at the watch industry trade show Baselworld in Switzerland, Breitling introduced the much anticipated follow-up to their famed breitling emergency replica watch – a timepiece which was quickly adopted by adventurers around the world thanks to its built-in emergency beacon technology. The original Breitling Emergency was introduced in 1995 and contained a one-time use 121.5 MHz frequency beacon antenna which when activated created a signal that search-and-rescue organizations monitored.

Swiss watch with personal locator

Swiss watch with personal locator

According to Breitling, around 40,000 Emergency watches were sold between 1995 and 2010 when the original model was eventually discontinued. More so, according to Breitling, no false alarms were ever recorded coming from a Replica Breitling Emergency watch, and about 20 people were rescued thanks to someone wearing and using a Breitling Emergency. So why, then, did Breitling discontinue this popular and impressive product? As I understand it, the 121.5 Mhz frequency was being deprecated (at least partially) in favor of the higher frequency 406 Mhz signal – which has a longer range and can help track moving targets in ways the 121.5 Mhz signal was not able to. Thus, Breitling once again needed to innovate in order to satisfy the needs of modern search and rescue operations.

In 2009, Breitling truly began work on what would be a follow-up to the Emergency. The goal was to not only include the 406 Mhz frequency signal in the follow-up model, but to maintain its ability to transmit a 121.5 Mhz signal. Thus, what would eventually become the Breitling replica emergency night mission boutique edition II needed to have the ability to transmit on both emergency signal frequencies, as the only 121.5 Mhz signal was still used for various purposes and sometimes both signals were used by search and rescue professionals to track and pinpoint those in emergency situations.

replica breitling emergency ii hands-on

replica breitling emergency ii hands-on

Development on the Breitling fake emergency night mission II was a distinct challenge for Breitling because the smallest device existing at the time which contained antennas to send signals to both frequencies was “about the size of two packs of cigarettes.” Breitling was determined to reduce the size of this technology to exist in a package small enough to wear on the wrist. One of the major issues was power consumption because the 406 Mhz signal required vastly more power than the 121.5 Mhz frequency.

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